Online Ordering

You’re busy, we know. That’s why when you login to our website, all of your orders are stored and your next great catered meal is just a few clicks away.

Frequent Phoodeez

Oh my, you must be the meeting maven or conference commando? Good news, even though you’ve got a lot of big orders and special requests, we’re not afraid to take them.

Conferences and Events

They’re coming. Wild hoards of mentally drained professionals, students and consultants with one singular driving force: hunger. Save yourself. Satisfy them with dazzling dishes from the best places in town.


Phoodeez caters to the food cravings of corporate and university meetings and events by offering a simple online platform to order the tastiest local flavors from the hottest restaurants and food trucks.

Quick and easy, you place your order with us online, and the restaurant delivers right to your meeting. No sweat. No piles of menus. For those with a serious need for lots of great food, our Frequent Phoodeez service gives you the silver platter treatment with a year’s worth of awesome catered meals.

Yum and done!


MassBio has recently been using Phoodeez for all our catering needs. We have found that Phoodeez alleviates – almost entirely – the headaches created for companies that have a heavy event schedule to manage. Phoodeez has helped us save resources wasted on planning, coordinating and even on purchasing the food itself. Our finance team now has access to data that tracks and monitors all of our corporate catering, saving us significant amounts of money, and organizing all of our invoicing and payments.
Robert Coughlin, President & CEO, MassBio
We love having the flavors and quality of our favorite restaurants at all our events. The custom catering gives us endless options of local cuisine, and the packages they select are a perfect choice if you can’t make up your mind. Phoodeez always offer something delicious to try and leaves event planners and guests satisfied. Whether planning long term or in a pinch, Phoodeez is easy, accommodating and fun to use!
Vanessa Marcoux, Administrative Assistant, Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship

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